Maxcut is a hight performance coolant apecifically designed to provide low foaming and good Breitling Galactic Replica lubrication characteristics in modern high pressure machining of aluminium. It is also suitable for high speed machining on a wide variety of metals where high surface finish is required. The biostability characteristics of Maxcut ensure long sump life and excellent corrosion protection.

    BENEFITS: Breitling Transocean Replica
    • Low foaming
    • Excellent corrosion protection
    • Good lubricity
    • Nitrite, Chlorine and Phenol free

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    Slideway Oil Lubricant is formulated with non-corrosive lubricity and Drive De Cartier Replica other additives that is suitable for the lubrication of slideway. Slidway Oil is operated in the stick-slip region to prevent chatter and scoring as well as providing excellent demulsibility in the presence of Longines HydroConquest Replica soluble oils. It is recommended for any application using sliding metal surface.

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    液压系统沿着(线性)运行和 AWS enigneer codes 液压和活性在高温旋转型(旋转)。液压系统是采用液压油、耐磨复合材料(Antiwear Hydraulic)。